About Mitgar

Mitgar is a temporary employment agency with the headquarters in Gdańsk. We are a company that provides services in employment both in Poland and abroad. We have helped many applicants to find attractive employment. We find specialists and engineers as well as support personnel, helpers, no experience labourers, and production workers.

Why should you choose us?

Mitgar is an agency of a narrow specialization.

We are specialists in recruiting workers and managing projects in technical sector.

We know the pitfalls of the industry and are prepared for every possibility.

Our experience and professionalism allows us to meet the expectations set by our contractors.

We aid them with our knowledge and skills in employee assessment, we recruit personnel, allow for a precise and optimal use of HR by the employers and a prompt reaction to changes in workload, thanks to which employers are flexible and well adapted to the current needs of the market. At the same time we offer jobs that meet financial needs and professional ambitions of the employees.

Thanks to us dozens of employers recruited diligent, careful, and responsible workers.

The applicants appreciated our personal and respectful approach, as well as the professionalism and the reliability in performing tasks.

Cooperating with Mitgar ensures the highest quality!

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Get to know our brands

The owner of the Mitgar brand is NetVest private limited company, which includes brands such as:


An online beauty supply store, which has not got any negative comments for more than 5 years of providing services on Allegro.


An international cosmetics wholesaler selling a wide variety of well-known brands. Generates monthly net revenue of about one million zlotys.


Temporary work agency which have helped many employees find their dream job. Provide an access to a large group of the construction industry specialists.

Łukasz Szutenberg is the Chairman of the NetVest company. At the same time, being Business Development Manager in Adampol, he is responsible for a group of 250 employees. On a daily basis he works with corporations such as Tesla Inc., Toyota Motor Corporation, Hyundai Group, Mazda Motor Corporation, to name just a few. He is also a laureate of prestigious Automotive Global Awards.